What's New?

Added some Tips and Tricks about using Rsync to backup files.
Added some Tips and Tricks to the Honda Civic SiR section.
Added a Blogger powered blog to the web-site called David's Ramblings.
Updated the information on the Honda Civic SiR homepage to include more specifications. Also tweaked the B16A Reference page accordingly. Added a Known Honda Problems webpage that details some of the known (and not so well known) Honda problems that I have personally come across.
Updated the look and feel of the web-site, again. Removed the right hand navigation pane and moved the links to the bottom of the page. The printer friendly problem has also been resolved. Minor updates to content as well.
Updated the look and feel of the web-site. Introduced a right hand navigation pane. Still need to address the background colour issue when in printer friendly mode. I may just add in screen and print CSS files for each page.
Updated the web-site to remove all the @ characters from email addresses in the HTML source used on this site. In some way I hope this prevents even more spam heading my way...
Updated the EF9 Fuse Panel Translation. Thanks to Chris Schoen for letting me know that the Meter Light in fuse 7 actually refers to the lights in the instrument/speedo cluster.
Altered external links so they now open in a new web browser instance.
Removed the Web Statistics section from the website because my web host has decided to change the program it uses and protect the statistics using basic authentication.
Added some engine bay Photos to the Honda Civic SiR section.
Added USA B series engine statistics to the B16A Reference web page in the Honda Civic SiR section.
Added the Genealogy section to the website containing the Teirney Family Tree, the Tierney Coat Of Arms and Family Tartan.
Altering some of the Links and the navigation in the Honda Civic SiR section.
Added the XHTML 1.0 Transitional DOCTYPE to all pages.
Altered the display format of the website.
Added the Specifications web page to the McLaren M6GT section.
Added the Photos web page to the Honda Civic SiR section.
Added the Bonnet Spacers web page to the Honda Civic SiR section.
Reviewed the peak dyno numbers from the latest B16A Dyno Runs and noticed that the torque readings cannot possibly be correct (I had my suspicians when I got the numbers but never actually did the math until now). Some comments have been added.
Added some photos of the custom 4-1 headers in the Ford Escort Twin Cam section.
Some aesthetical modifications to the website:
Minor reformatting to several pages.
There have been quite a lot of modifications made over the last few days. Most of the changes people won't notice because they were enhancements to improve the speed of content delivery to clients with low-bandwidth connections.
Added the McLaren M6GT section to the website.
Altered the HTML section to include it's own navigation.
Added an HTML Links page to the HTML section.
Altered all pages so that their printer friendly versions will not be indexed by search engines that obey commands in the robots META tag using Server Side Includes (SSI).
Fixed an error in the B16A Reference. The B16B block height is actually same as the B18C, not the B16A. Thanks to Clarence Lim for pointing this out.
Added a version 0.91 RSS feed with a "What's New at teirney.NET" channel. If you use an RSS aggregator you can keep up to date with what updates or modifications have been made here at teirney.NET.
Added a Japanese to English EF9 Fuse Panel Translation for my Honda Civic in the Honda Civic SiR section.
Added a favourite icon to the website.
Tidied some pages in the Honda Civic SiR section.
Started off the HTML section detailing some of the things that I have learnt during the creation of this website. Also started the Work section detailing what I do 40+ hours a week. There's not a lot in either section yet, but a start at least.
Removed the splash welcome page.
Removed the client side re-directs from index.htm web-pages to Home.htm web-pages by altering the default page that gets loaded by Apache when one isn't explicitely given.
Minor grammatical and typo fixes in various places.
Added a few more pages to the website:
Re-writes to parts of Honda Civic SiR.
Added a page containing a table of Honda B16A ECU Error Codes and the associated systems indicated.
Added an EF9 B16A Vacuum Line Diagram to the Honda Civic SiR section.
Added search functionality in all header pages using Google Free WebSearch and Site Search.
Altered the format of pages for better accessibility to text and screen readers.
Added some temperature readings to the Underhood Temperature Readings page.
Finished off the Ford XF Throttle Body Swap page.
Altered the B16A Dyno Runs page to include the latest dyno run at the top of the page.
Finished off some more of the Honda Civic SiR homepage and added a counter to the Welcome page.
Played around with Server Side Includes (SSI) to add more functionality. Added some more pages to the site and finished off some of the existing pages.
Finished the Server Side Includes (SSI) for the headers and navigation parts of pages.
Finally published what I have of the web site. Lots of bits aren't linked at all, but at least there is something.