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The exact specifications for the McLaren M6GT are difficult to come by. I have found a couple of places on the internet that have repeated the information found below, so they are the best estimates that I have of the exact specifications.

They seem to be valid because the dimensions are identical to those of a McLaren M6A. The McLaren M6GT was based on the M6B and according to the Bruce McLaren Trust the "M6B was the production version of the Championship winning M6A and differed very little from the original." This supports the dimensions for the M6GT found below.

McLaren M6GT Dimensions
Front track 52"
Rear track 52"
Wheelbase 93.5"
Width 68"
Length 155"

If the literature is indeed correct, then the specifications for chassis, suspension and brakes for the M6GT could be deduced from the specifications for the McLaren M6A found below.

McLaren M6A Specifications
Chassis Full monocoque formed from aluminium alloy panelling bonded and riveted to steel bulkheads and carrying two 25 gallon fuel cells in the side pontoons.
Suspension Unequal length upper and lower wishbones, anti-roll bar and coil spring/shock units in front. Upper and lower wishbones with twin radius arms anti-roll bar and coil spring/shock at rear.
Wheels McLaren cast magnesium wheels, 15 x 8½" front and 15 x 13¼" rear.
Brakes Girling ventilated discs front and rear, 12 inch diameter, with 16-3-LA calipers and dual hydraulic circuits.
Body Reinforced polyester resin panelling.
Engine 5.9 litre Chevrolet V-8 with Lucas fuel injection and 5 speed Hewland LG transaxle.
Front track 52"
Rear track 52"
Wheelbase 93.5"
Width 68"
Height (to top of windscreen) 31"
Weight (less fuel) 1300 pounds (distributed 40/60 front/rear).
Top speed (estimated) 165mph

I will try to do some further investigation to see what other information I can find with regard to the exact specifications for the M6GT. With only 2 "real" ones in existence this may prove very difficult. However, one of the original cars is supposed to be in a museum here in New Zealand somewhere...

Further reading about the McLaren M12GT may also prove fruitful as it this model used the McLaren M6GT coachwork.