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At some point in most peoples life they decide that it might be interesting to find out who their direct ancestors are. It seems that I have reached that point and since I have registered the domain name, my web-site seems like a pretty good place to be putting up the Teirney family tree.

Our family attended a family reunion for descendants of Laurence and Ivy Teirney about 8 years ago (in 1995 I think), so luckily I already had access to a Family Tree that goes back three generations (Laurence Teirney was my great grand father). Through further searching on the internet, I have managed to trace my ancestry back another 2 generations to my great-great-great grand father. It's quite interesting seeing how the generations have moved around the world. From what I have found thus far, I have ancestry from the both the United States of America (USA) and Ireland.

At this stage 5 generations back is as far as I can find, but I'll look again another day and see what other information I can find. Since the 5th generation back is from the USA, this may be tricky since I am down in New Zealand.